GBM roundelThe 2015 VLEG data includes, for the first time, an estimate of the number of people affected by near-vision impairment. Their estimate is that in the year 2015 some 1,095 million people over the age of 35 have presenting functional Presbyopia. The condition worsens with age and a staggering 40.7% of the global population aged over 50 have presenting functional Presbyopia – a condition that can almost entirely be corrected through the provision of a pair of reading glasses.

Due to data sparsity, the VLEG was only able to make credible estimates at the global and 21 regions level. Insufficient data precluded estimates being made for gender disparity and at the country level.

The regional estimates of the number of people with functional Presbyopia are shown in the Regional Summaries. Three regions – South Asia (318m); East Asia (265m) and South-East Asia (91m) together account for 62% of the global burden though these three regions are home to just 51% of the global population. By contrast the five High-Income regions of the world, which comprise 14% of the global population, contribute just 6% to the global burden of functional Presbyopia.



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