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Morocco eliminates Trachoma: World Health Organization

Morocco has defeated trachoma – a leading infectious cause of blindness – after more than six decades of sustained control activities. The West African country today joins seven other countries (China, Gambia, Ghana, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mexico, Myanmar and Oman) that have eliminated the disease as a public health problem. Morocco has implemented…

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Vision Atlas launched at 10GA

At one of the largest gatherings of professionals from every stream of eye care–the IAPB 10th General Assembly–Peter Ackland, CEO of IAPB, launched the Vision Atlas live site. Nearly 1200 delegates from 100 countries were attending the quadrennial event in Durban, South Africa between 27 and 30 October 2016. At the launch, Peter Ackland highlighted…

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How are the SDGs relevant to eye health?

Zoe Gray

IAPB, and a number of members who have been at the forefront of advocacy work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), have contributed to achieving many positive gains. The framework includes neglected tropical diseases amongst other diseases targeted for elimination. There is a target on universal health coverage, offering a potentially integrated approach which requires…

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Cataract Surgical Coverage: a key indicator

Peter Ackland

There have been recent indications that the importance and positive impact of Cataract surgery is being recognised by policy makers beyond the eye care world. The World Bank’s inclusion of Cataract surgery as one of 44 ‘Essential Surgeries’ within its series of publications on disease control priorities is important and welcome. Likewise, the recent and seminal…

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Why is IAPB best placed to produce the Vision Atlas?

Joanna Conlon

IAPB embodies an evidence-based approach to advocacy and sector-wide collaborations; this is the key to our continued success. In the 1970s, the true extent of avoidable blindness was not yet known, though there was a growing realization that this could be controlled through concerted effort. There was a big push towards data-gathering and building a…

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