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GBM roundelWHA resolution 66.4 Universal Eye Health: a Global Action Plan 2014 – 2019 identifies five key indicators as well as 13 supplementary indicators that should be measured to monitor progress. IAPB has collected information on the five key indicators plus five of the supplementary indicators from 197 countries.

Table 1 below provides a summary of the data collected. Detailed country data is shown here. This page also provides details of how the information was collected.

You will find below an analysis of the data collected. Though the amount of data we collected surpassed our expectations for some of the indicators, it was difficult to get reliable data from some countries. This places limitations on the conclusions one may draw, so the observations discussed here should be judged in the light of these limitations.

CSR and CSC – What’s the difference?

Cataract Surgical Rate

The Cataract Surgical Rate (CSR) describes the number of Cataract operations performed per year, per million population.

Cataract Surgical Coverage

The Cataract Surgical Coverage (CSC) indicates the proportion of visually impaired individuals with bilateral Cataract who were eligible for surgery and received it. CSC is used to assess the degree to which needs are met by Cataract surgical services; at least 80% coverage (at the 3/60 level) is needed to meet the needs and demands of a population.

Table 1 – Summary of Data (click here for detailed data)

Updated on 12th Oct 2017

The data analysis in this online version of the IAPB Vision Atlas represents the most recent available data as of October 2017. Data will be analysed regularly and updated here at regular intervals.

We have also avoided trying to ‘over analyse’ the available data given the limitations of some of the data received. We welcome input to make our data better.

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Implementation Progress picture

Implementation Progress picture

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